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Upasana New Year Celebration 2016

Upasana New Year Celebration 2016

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Upasana is ready for Birthday Parties, Engagement and Corporate meets with full facility.

Upasana is ready for Birthday Parties, Engagement, corporate meets with full facility - DJ, Decorations, Entertainment, Photography, Drone shooting, etc.

Bulleteer Team At Upasana

 The Bulleteer Team Visit to Upasana

A Page from the Description of a Perfect Heaven...

Sharmilee Palaniswami, our guest, shares her experience at Upasana... The very first thought while entering Upasana was that it is so isolated from what most consider normal (or the absence of commotion and chaos) but how enchanting it was to see a building seated amidst clouds and hills. Being someone who loves the nature and reading, this was a place where I could unwind and lazily read my book in the quiet surrounded by tea hills and clouds. Every morning we would wake up early just to make sure that we could feel the clouds move. The resort felt like it was built on the clouds.