What is Upasana Retreat and where is it located?

What amenities are available in the Guest room?

What about the cell phone coverage at upasana?

What is the usual climate around Upasana?

What are recreational activities available at Upasana?

Are there any laundry/ dry cleaning services?

Can I reserve a room or request a rate quote via email?

How can I contact your resort?

How to reach Upasana?

Does the resort provide airport transfers? How much it costs?

Can I request a specific room?

Do all rooms have a patio or balcony?

What type of food is served at the Upasana?

Is Internet access available?

What is the reservation Booking and cancellation policy?

Can I pay with the credit card online?

Can I use Credit Card to pay bills at Upasana? 

Is the driver accommodation available?

Do you offer discounts to groups?

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Does Upasana have parking for hotel guests?

What are the tourists spots can be visited around Upasana?

If I change my reservations, will my rate change?

Do you have any transport facilities to visit local tourist spot from Upasana?

How far is the nearest hospital from Upasana?