Sight Seeing



Located about 25 Km from the resort. This particular location provides you with breath taking views of nature in all its beauty.
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Yelaniru Falls

One doesn't just visit Yelaniru Falls but rather, partakes in its journey as it meanders down narrow roads, making its way through the dense forest, wriggling and cutting through lush green foliage of the surrounding coffee and Tea plantations. It is a truly an exciting, de-stressing and calming experience, just 3.5 Km from the resort.


Varaha Thirtha

Located 31 km from the resort inside the forest. Ideal place for picnics with lush greenery and a pond with pristine clear water. Gazing at the bottom of the pond, is truly mesmerizing.

Kalasheswara Temple

Lord Shiva's temple which is more than 1000 years old, is located 8 km from the resort. The architecture and the construction are a delight to watch. The temple is also known as the Kashi of South India.



Located around village Kalasa. They are known as Naga Thirtha, Vashista Thirtha, Rudra Thirtha and Koti Thirtha.  It is popularly believed that Maharishi Vashista is supposed to have performed his penance here. Amba Thirtha is a picturesque place and a popular location for tinsel town shooting of films. Distance from the resort 10 Kms.
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Horanadu Temple

The temple has Sri Annapoorneshwari as the residing deity and is located 12 Km from the resort. The temple attracts on an average around 5000 visitors each day.

Kudremukha Peak

Excellent place for trekking, this is a must do on the list. One has to trek nearly 10 Kms to reach the peak. In order to trek here one needs permission from the forest department. If you are desirous of undergoing this trek, you need to inform us in advance, with details, so permits can be arranged.

Ganga Moola

Origin of three rivers - Bhadra, Netra and Thunga. The origins of the rivers are from inside a cave, surrounded by thick intense forest. A mystifying experience for sure. This location is situated 25 Kms from the resort.

Duggappana Katte

Excellent location from where to view  Kudremukh peak and the entire Kalasa village. Kalinga the snake is supposedly guarding the Kings wealth here as per mythology. It is located just 15 Kms away from the resort.

Hanuman Gundi

25 Km from the resort is home to a spellbinding waterfalls called Hanuman Gundi. The water falls from a height of more than 100 feet. One can bath and play in the water. Getting into water involves a little bit of trekking. One can visit this place only from October to May.

Tea Estates

Nice place to walk around and discover the art of tea growing and harvesting. Available 1 Km from the resort.


Excellent route for trekking. Breathe fresh mountain air and refresh your lungs en route to awesome view of the valley. Location is 25 Km from the resort.